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Bogyoke Market Yangon

Bogyoke Market Yangon

Bogyoke Market is in the centre of Yangon, located on Bogyoke Aung San Road.  The road actually took its name from the large and lively market.  The full name of the market today is Bogyoke Aung San, renamed in honour of General Aung San.  Its original name was Scott Market. 
bogyoke market

The market was first built in the 1920s, and it remains today one of the most popular markets in the whole of the city.  It is a great place for visitors to peruse a large selection of wares, as well as indulging in a spot of interesting people watching.  It is also a busy place with locals who shop there for their everyday needs.
 The market is square in design, and is divided into four areas – the North, South, East, and West Wings.  There is little organisation, however, when it comes to the actual items – just look around and see what you can find!

What to see and buy

It is easy to spend a few hours or more simply wandering around the mass of stalls and exploring the extensive market.  There are over 1,500 shops and stalls, and you will find goods as diverse as such as clothing, footwear, trinkets and souvenirs, textiles, crafts, puppets, jewellery, pottery, laquerware, electronics, household items … and more!  You can also find a good selection of tasty Burmese and Chinese food, perfect for if you start to feel a little peckish.
Because the market is covered it is a great all weather attraction.  The colonial building itself is very interesting, and one of the best preserved buildings in the city from colonial times.

Visting Guide

There is a lively water festival held at the market each year before the main Thingyan Water Festival.  It typically takes place within the first two weeks of April.  It draws a large crowd, especially the younger members of the Yangon community.  Teenagers come from all across the city to enjoy the water festival and socialise with their friends. 
The market is open most days from 9am until 5pm.  It is closed on holidays.  There is no admission cost, making it a great way to save money when in Yangon – unless, of course, there are many wonderful delights that catch your eye! 


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