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Dining in Chinatown

Dining in Chinatown

One of the best places that open late for dinner with various types of foods and cuisine, Chinatown is a very good place for dining in Yangon, specially 19th street where there are vendors of charcoal grells, all kinds of veg and marinades as well barbecue restaurants. 
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dining in china town
19th Street Chinatown
The first time visiting 19th Street my entire meal came for free. The same night I return and again I eat for free. This was down to luck really, as a lone traveller I order food, sit to eat when local Burmese invite me to join them and later offer to pay my bill. Hard to say no, and probably insulting to refuse so I accept. Both times my bills come to around $8 with big Myanmar beers making the bulk of it. So as I sit boozing with the locals they tell me about the significance of 19th street in Yangon and how it has always been the place to go boozing. It was in fact, at one time, the only place to go boozing. With past regulations on alcohol and group congregations it was Chinatown which the government were most reluctant to crack down on mainly due to the Chinese population and culture in the area. To date this hasn’t changed and 19th street still makes the perfect place for booze, barbecue and local banter. When staying nearby I go for the cheap Daw Htay Hotel in the street parallel (Sint Oh Dan Street).
Barbecue Chicken and Pork, 19th Street Food in Yangon ChinatownFried Morning Glory with Garlic on 19th Street Food in Yangon ChinatownGrand Royal Whisky in Myanmar, 19th Street Food in Yangon Chinatown
The Best Restaurants
As always the best restaurants are the busy ones and while it maybe hard at times to find a seat I advise holding out or try squeeze into a seat where possible. The bulk of the restaurants are found at the bottom end of 19th street (Maha Bandula Road) and stop roughly half way up. I have eaten at the quieter restaurants (e.g. Aung Shwe Oo, first on left) and I now understand why they are quiet (tough meats, rude people). The popular ‘backpacker’ restaurant which also gets the thumbs up on Tripadvisor is KOSAN 19th St. Snack & Bar. Otherwise follow the locals.


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   Great work Tan ! we enjoyed the walking tour very much, Marry still talks about the market that Koye took us to in Yangon   
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